Power Ball,Wrist Arm Muscle Strengthener

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  • ☛MATERIALDESIGN: aluminum and canvas.small fashion design for easy carrying.
  • ☛LED LIGHT: Spinning the LED lights inside the ball will be flashing. The faster it spins the brighter it lights up.
  • ☛NO BATTERY:No battery and other harmful material inside.safety exercise and enjoying funny light.
  • ☛FUNCTION:Increasing strength in hands,wrists,fingers, forearms, biceps, triceps, ligament and shoulders, also promoting blood circulation.
  • ☛PEOPLE NEEDED:athletic lover, office worker.middle-age. people who often using computer

Product description

Hand Grip Exerciser Ball

Cool fashion LED light design,with principle of physical for no battery.more safety.Increasing strength in hands and promoting blood circulation.

Functions and benefits

✔ exercising wrist and finger grasp grip,make the hand more flexible ,eliminate muscle, ligament, joint stiffness feeling.

✔ promoting blood circulation, achieving health care function.

✔Avoiding muscle stiffness, and automatically control the intensity of exercise. No further damage will occur.


Diameter :7*6cm

Colors :Green, Blue, Purple. Orange